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About Rare Breeds Canada

Organized in 2010, Rare Breeds Canada is a charitable organization approved by the government. We aim to keep safe, keep an eye on, and promote the traditions of Canadian farms by nurturing Rare Breed Animals.

Our conservation involves increasing populations, enlisting clean stocks, guiding farmers to search for breeding stocks, public education, keeping an area for semen, and create connections so farmers can do their businesses effectively.

Markets are beginning to sell heritage meats thanks to many years of hard work by Conservation groups. We believe that, as long as people will eat their supplies of meat, farmers will continue to work hard just to produce them.

However, these breeds that played a major role in feeding many Canadians are becoming extinct. We annually take note of these sensitive numbers through our Conservation Lists and try to take a census to keep track of the distribution of populations.

Food safety is an important matter in our efforts for conservation. Though older provincial breeds are currently in demand, they may be disregarded by the following generations due to the advances in industrial farming- compromising the quality of the meats.

Heritage breeds are also economical. Their immune systems are strong, they give birth without difficulty, and they mother their young carefully. Both cheesemakers and well-known chefs all over the globe are excited to have a taste of heritage meat.

These breeds typically belong to a natural outdoor housing and rotational herbage. They belong to small farms and can be good for businesses targeting meticulous consumers.