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CBD Oil and Its Benefits

Horse Breeding 101: CBD Oil and Its Benefits

Did you know that the many nutritional and therapeutic properties of CBD oil can also help your horse? In fact, the substance is touted as delivering the herb’s health advantages without the euphoric sensation, an effect associated with THC. The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, which excluded hemp from the category of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act, was the key driver for the CBD industry’s spectacular expansion, especially in CBD gummies. This, along with the growing social approval of cannabis products, has led to the development of various innovative CBD products for both humans and animals. CBD for Horses In human clinical therapy...


4 Easy Steps on How to Setup Your Solar Electric Fencing

A solar-powered electric fence is one of the best ways to promote green farming. Working with nature, farmers are fully aware of the importance of sustainable farming practices to protect our planet. One practical approach to eco-friendly farming is by using solar-powered electric fencing. More farmers prefer this practice because it is efficient in the containment of herds and livestock and keeping predators and intruders at bay. More farmers are choosing solar-powered electric fencing for practicality and sustainability. The increase in market demand for electric fencing in farming and agriculture is estimated to reach up to $438.4 million in the ...

Harmful to Pets

Vaping- Is it Harmful to Pets?

Vaping has become more widespread in recent years as it was marketed to have fewer risks than traditional cigarettes. Despite the fact that you can buy articles pour vapoteurs laval, research studies conducted have shown that they still pose health problems for humans and animals alike. E-cigarettes work by releasing vapors from a special liquid in their cartridge that a person inhales. It usually contains nicotine derived from tobacco, flavorings, and propylene glycol which is normally harmless. However, there have been cases wherein vapes that are marketed as “cheaper” contain toxic diethylene glycol. If you are a pet owner, here is what you need to know about vaping...


Saving the Hungarian Yellow Chicken

Three hundred years ago, this breed of chicken was known to be one of the genetically pure strains of poultry left in the whole world. Many who built their own chicken coop in the home backyard would know how rare this chicken is in the chicken world. This breed can be described as having little circular wattles and red lobes. The eggs they lay are medium-sized and creamy. Moreover, they lay them at a rate of one egg for every  48 hours. They can simply live in both pastures and barns. This breed of chicken is very rare. Even in its country of origin, Hungary, this type of chicken is still difficult to locate. In reality, the number of breeders can still be counted using one hand. Because of the wars in Hungary and their ...


Saving the Lacombe Pig

HLC and its functioning members successfully saved the Lacombe Pig from extinction in 2018. The Lacombe is a crossbreed of sows and boars of Danish Landrace and the ancestor of Chester White. The Lacombe has been known by pork producers since 1957. The breed became famous quickly as 1,743 pigs were recorded in 1981, composed of 648 boars and 1,095 females. Currently, we are exerting effort to re-establish some of the herds all over the country. With only less than 7 pure breeding females, this breed is at risk of becoming extinct. To describe the Lacombe, it is white, medium-sized, and can easily be tamed. Its ears are huge and saggy, with a body that’s long and have short legs.  It is also somewhat lean in ...