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Horse Breeds

In Canada where different types of people live and slowly group into one community, the early settlers shared the genetics of their own horses to Canada’s native ones which are the following:

  • Newfoundland and the Sable Island
  • Lac La Croix Indian Ponies and The Newfoundland
  • Western Feral Horses and Canadian Bashkir Curly

Breeds that had strong genetic compositions were needed for the development of the nation. The Scottish people sent their Clydesdales while the English people sent their Suffolk Punches and Shires. These people who settled in Canada with their breeds of horses built the west, developed the railways, cleared up the forest, and helped in cultivating flatlands.

The following are Horses that Critical in Number (1-15):
  • Dales Pony
  • Cleveland Bay +
  • Bashkir Curly FO
  • Exmoor Pony +
  • Dartmoor Pony
  • Newfoundland Pony~
  • Lac La Croix Indian Pony~
  • Fell Pony +
  • Irish Draught
  • Shetland Pony
  • Sable Island Horse~ F
Endangered Horses (16-50) :
  • American Saddlebred
  • Shire +
  • Hackney Horse & Hackney Pony
  • Suffolk +
Vulnerable Horses (51-150) :
  • Welsh Cob and Pony
  • Horses that are at Risk (151-500):
  • Canadian
  • Morgan
  • Clydesdale +

The following are the meaning of symbols:

~: unrecognized by the Animal Pedigree Act

+: Canadian Heritage and considered Internationally rare

F: wild or feral

FO: of feral origin