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Conservation Lists

For you to have a view of our breeds and to understand why advocating for livestock biodiversity is essential, select a category we will mention below and see for yourself the multiplicity of agriculture in Canada.

Conservation Lists Standards

A Heritage Breed in Canada is listed if the following criteria are met:

The breed originated in Canada. (A breed is considered as a genetically genuine breed when it is matched together and gives birth to the same breed type.)

The breed has been nurtured in Canada for 50 years successively.

The breed has been legally enlisted in Canada for a minimum of six generations.

Cattle 6
Sheep 4
Goats 5
Horses 10
Pigs 2
Poultry 1

The mated parents of these breeds no longer exist.

The breed is listed or registered if the following information is met:

There are lesser than pure female stock registered annually:

Cattle 750
Horses 500
Swine 1165
Sheep 1000
Goats 1165

There are less than or equal to four distinct male lines. Once a breed doesn’t have any common ancestors for the previous four generations, it is considered as a distinct male line.

Other Criteria:

There is a significant decrease in registrations and the number of breeds in Canada for the last 5 years.

Another rare breed organization has listed the breed. (e. g. An internationally rare breed)

The breed is present in less than four breeding areas that are 1000km apart minimum in Canada.

There is no organization that supports the existing breed in the Canada Conservation Lists.