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Goat Breeds

British Columbia has its own population of San Clemente Island goats with a few herds also found in Alberta. We desire to see this breed spread in the said areas because this breed is still unfamiliar to common goat keepers.

The registrations for Myotonic goats from 2008 until early 2009 are not 100% accurate as some of the breeders did not register their goats. However, myotonic goats are now widely spread throughout Canada. You can visit Myotonic Goat Registry’s website at

There are only 30 genetically pure Oberhasli goats left in Canada, which is fewer than the San Clemente goats. Most of them are found in Ontario with only one breeder left in British Columbia. According to Patrick Maclean, a breeder, the population has decreased because people who bought stocks have stopped registering their animals. Currently, the breed is still being studied and under investigation whether or not it should be still qualified or considered as a heritage breed.

There are still other breeds that are developing such as the Nigerian Dwarf goats, Toggenburg goats, and the LaManchas. Moreover, there are other breeds that are growing popular such as the Angora goats in Alberta, Nubian goats in every province of Canada, and the Saanen goats in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.