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CBD Oil and Its Benefits

Horse Breeding 101: CBD Oil and Its Benefits

Did you know that the many nutritional and therapeutic properties of CBD oil can also help your horse? In fact, the substance is touted as delivering the herb’s health advantages without the euphoric sensation, an effect associated with THC.

The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, which excluded hemp from the category of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act, was the key driver for the CBD industry’s spectacular expansion, especially in CBD gummies.

This, along with the growing social approval of cannabis products, has led to the development of various innovative CBD products for both humans and animals.

CBD for Horses

In human clinical therapy, the FDA has authorized a CBD product to treat two uncommon kinds of pediatric epilepsy, and more research into alternative treatments is underway.

CBD products for horses, on the other hand, are designed to aid with several issues such as nervousness, arthritis, and muscular discomfort.

However, there are currently few, if any, scientific studies that involve horses as the subject. Still, as more businesses market CBD for horse use, this may alter soon.

Until then, current research with humans and animal cells suggests that CBD may help with anxiety, ulcers, appetite management, and insulin resistance.

Choosing CBD for Your Horse

Firstly, verify where the hemp was cultivated. Choose crops grown in the United States or Canada.

Suppose the CBD was produced in a foreign country with possibly weak cultivation regulations. In that case, it might be polluted with herbicides, pathogens, and heavy metals that endanger your horse’s wellness.

When looking for a CBD product for yourself or your pets, it is vital to understand the extraction technique employed to obtain CBD from hemp. There are numerous extraction methods for CBD, and each one varies in terms of output quality and complexity. With that said, the most extensive and efficient option is CO2 extraction.

How Much CBD for Your Horse?

Whenever taking a CBD tincture, the number of milligrams of CBD in the entire jar should be evident. Because specific products might be significantly diluted, check the manufacturer’s label for specifics. Moreover, the quantity of CBD per dosage should be specified on the label.

Many tinctures will include dosage instructions by dropper, but attaining a full dropper is not always practical and can also be misleading.

The best technique is by calculating the quantity of CBD for every drop. You can adequately distribute the required dosage if you know how many CBD milligrams there are in every drop.

After all, doses are weight-based and determined by the seriousness of the condition. Therefore, it is advised to start lightly and gradually raise the strength as required. A little trial and experiment are needed to identify the ideal dose for you and your horse.


Since CBD products for horses are usually not tested by the FDA, you should only use products from reputable manufacturers if you want to use CBD in your horse’s maintenance routine.

However, if your horse is competing, you should be advised that many equestrian organizations outlaw both natural and synthetic CBD products.

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