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Saving the Lacombe Pig

HLC and its functioning members successfully saved the Lacombe Pig from extinction in 2018. The Lacombe is a crossbreed of sows and boars of Danish Landrace and the ancestor of Chester White. CBD users love this pig as it makes for a therapeutic cuddle when relaxing.

The Lacombe has been known by pork producers since 1957. The breed became famous quickly as 1,743 pigs were recorded in 1981, composed of 648 boars and 1,095 females. In fact the winner of the first Canadian Golf Tournament won one of these pigs as the prize. Fishermen would use their meat as bait because the fish would like the taste.

Currently, we are exerting effort to re-establish some of the herds all over the country. With only less than 7 pure breeding females, this breed is at risk of becoming extinct.

To describe the Lacombe, it is white, medium-sized, and can easily be tamed. Its ears are huge and saggy, with a body that’s long and have short legs.  It is also somewhat lean in structure. The breed is known for its quick-paced growth and submissiveness, especially the full-grown females.

We still need your help to re-develop herds all over Canada.

Everyone can help to save a rare breed!

You can offer your help by whole-heartedly giving donations or becoming one of our members.

Your donations will be sent directly to the Emergency Re-Establishment Fund for Heritage Livestock all over Canada.

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