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Rare Breeds Canada Guide

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Conservation Lists

For you to have a view of our breeds and to understand why advocating for livestock biodiversity is essential, select a category we will mention below and see for yourself the multiplicity of agriculture in Canada. Conservation Lists Standards A Heritage Breed in Canada is listed if the following criteria are met: The breed originated in Canada. (A breed is considered as a genetically genuine breed when it is matched together and gives birth to the same breed type.) The breed has been nurtured in Canada for 50 years successively. The breed has been legally enlisted in Canada for a minimum of six generations. Livestock Years...

Sheep Breeds

We raise heritage sheep breeds to produce quality meat, milk, wool, and etc. In fact, sheep are one of the earliest animals trained for agricultural purposes. The following are Critical Numbers of Sheep Breeds (1-30) Barbados Blackbelly Scottish Blackface Corriedale Jacob Karakul Lincoln Longwool + Newfoundland ~ Navajo-Churro Shropshire + Soay St. Croix Tunis Endangered Sheep Breeds (31-100) Border Cheviot Cotswold + Dorset Horn + Oxford Down + Romney Vulnerable Sheep Breeds (101-300) Border Leicester Rambouillet...

Chicken Breeds

Farmers usually don’t keep and nurture chickens for long, thus the concern regarding the difficulty of handling the poultry population. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy or ALBC has been asking help from us concerning the chicken census. ALBC is finally determined to extend their concern towards all breeds of poultry found in the Northern part of America. It takes a tremendous amount of hard work to take on even just two breeds for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization located in Rome. It of the utmost importance that RBC poultry breeders are registered on the RBC website so that we are informed and updated with what resources we presently have. The Chantecler, which is the only Canadian ...

Goat Breeds

British Columbia has its own population of San Clemente Island goats with a few herds also found in Alberta. We desire to see this breed spread in the said areas because this breed is still unfamiliar to common goat keepers. The registrations for Myotonic goats from 2008 until early 2009 are not 100% accurate as some of the breeders did not register their goats. However, myotonic goats are now widely spread throughout Canada. You can visit Myotonic Goat Registry’s website at There are only 30 genetically pure Oberhasli goats left in Canada, which is fewer than the San Clemente goats. Most of them are found in Ontario with only one breeder left in British Columbia. According to Patrick Maclean...

Horse Breeds

In Canada where different types of people live and slowly group into one community, the early settlers shared the genetics of their own horses to Canada’s native ones which are the following: Newfoundland and the Sable Island Lac La Croix Indian Ponies and The Newfoundland Western Feral Horses and Canadian Bashkir Curly Breeds that had strong genetic compositions were needed for the development of the nation. The Scottish people sent their Clydesdales while the English people sent their Suffolk Punches and Shires. These people who settled in Canada with their breeds of horses built the west, developed the railways, cleared up the forest, and helped in cultivating flatlands. The ...

Pig Breeds

Heritage pork has lately been recognized by chefs for the richness and complexity of its flavour. The Berkshire pig was the first to be accepted in fine dining restaurants, and now also includes both the Large Blacks and Tamworth. Though these breeds are not qualified in the commercial criteria because of their unhurried growth, their ability to adapt to pasture management makes them produce leaner and more appetizing meat. Heritage breeds are what most consumers and butchers choose as they are normally raised by qualified farmers. These breeds are strong and can live on their own without much need for management. Heritage Livestock does play a major role in making known “Humanely Raised Products”....

Cattle Breeds

Thirteen breeds of cattle are part of the Rare Breeds Conservation List of Canada. Ten out of these 13 breeds have records that are registered by the CLRC, which stands for Canadian Livestock Records Corp, in Canadian breed organizations. This allows easy access to the breeding line information, the animals’ location, and the intensity of work done by breeders. In addition, all this information is open to the public. The White Park Cattle are enlisted in the U.S. and Great Britain but Canada is not included. The last White Park Cattle registered in Britain were only two females in 2007. In 2008, the American British White Park Association still didn’t send an inquiry for registration. In 2007, registrations from ...


To be the mainstay for conserving and researching about minor breeds of livestock in farms.

To let the public know about the importance of heritage breeds as they are becoming small in number.

To encourage public society to promote the need for conserving and studying heritage breeds in farms with minor livestock.

To persuade the people to breed, raise, and deal livestock in farms that are minor heritage breeds.

Note that “Heritage” breeds are breeds that have been in Canada for at least 50 years and must be relevant in the history of Canada’s Agriculture.


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Saving the Hungarian Yellow Chicken

Three hundred years ago, this breed of chicken was known to be one of the genetically pure strains of poultry left in the whole world. Many who built their own chicken coop in the home backyard would know how rare this chicken is in the chicken world. This breed can be described as having little circular wattles and red lobes. The eggs they lay are medium-sized and creamy. Moreover, they lay them at a rate of one egg for every  48 hours. They can simply live in both pastures and barns. This breed of chicken is very rare. Even in its country of origin, Hungary, this type of chicken is still difficult to locate. In reality, the number of breeders can still be counted using one hand. Because of the wars in Hungary and their ...


Saving the Lacombe Pig

HLC and its functioning members successfully saved the Lacombe Pig from extinction in 2018. The Lacombe is a crossbreed of sows and boars of Danish Landrace and the ancestor of Chester White. The Lacombe has been known by pork producers since 1957. The breed became famous quickly as 1,743 pigs were recorded in 1981, composed of 648 boars and 1,095 females. Currently, we are exerting effort to re-establish some of the herds all over the country. With only less than 7 pure breeding females, this breed is at risk of becoming extinct. To describe the Lacombe, it is white, medium-sized, and can easily be tamed. Its ears are huge and saggy, with a body that’s long and have short legs.  It is also somewhat lean in ...